Our Services

We can remove stains caused by ink, toner, tar, gum, grass, grease, and just about anything else you might track onto the carpet. See Examples. We also remove food stains caused by kool aid, wine, coffee, soda, and more. We can also remove things like rust stains, and paint from your carpet. Contact Us today to discuss your stain removal needs.

Stain Removal

There is no stain that we cannot get out of carpet — period. And we are very successful on furniture too. Paint, ballpoint pen and printer ink, red drink stains, wine, coffee, stains from the legs of furniture, rust, crayons and markers, urine, medicine, make-up, nail polish, you name it, we are simply unstoppable.

Awful, icky, scary, bad, mean and hopeless spots are just what we do! The only reasons we won't remove a stain are: if it's not cost effective to do so — less expensive to replace the item — or if the products needed to remove the stain will excessively weaken the carpet or fabric.

Color Repair

Bleach, benzoil peroxide, cleansers, bathroom cleaners, carpet spotters, countertop cleaners, urine, sunlight, vomit, and certain OXY-type cleaners can all remove the color from carpet. We dye it back or repair the color. No problem!

Carpet Repairs

We retuft snags, replace rows, fix holes, burns, cuts, seams and loose areas. We also repair runs in Berber-style carpets.

Fine Fabric / Rug Restoration

Delicate fabrics and rugs often have cleaning challenges. Our in-shop facility allows us to work on delicate items in a controlled environment. We are very successful at restoring items with difficult cleaning challenges — whether dear-to-your-heart heirloom pieces, lampshades, stuffed animals, quilts, or even parasols. If it's fabric and has problems spots, we'll take it on!